The Neverending Story


Michael Ende. Illustrated by Marie-Alice Harel. 

When ten-year-old Bastian is inexplicably drawn to a mysterious old book, he is transported through its pages to a world beyond his wildest imagination; an enchanted kingdom populated by dragons, unicorns, giants and sprites. A loner who is tormented by bullies, Bastian becomes the unlikely hero of the story when he joins forces with young warrior Atreyu to save Fantastica from the dark power, The Nothing, and find a cure for its dying Empress. Drawing on a hitherto hidden strength, he must cross the Swamps of Sadness and the Silver Mountains to reach the infamous Ivory Tower; only then can he conclude his quest and return home.

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A perfect mix of lit and magic

It is decreed that only a human child can save the Empress of Fantastica and, as Bastian Balthazar Bux reads more of the book, realisation dawns that he is an intrinsic part of the story; the future of the beleaguered kingdom is in his hands. Grieving over the recent death of his mother, Bastian’s immersion is pure escapism and yet, when he trades his memories of the real world – culminating in his name – in exchange for Fantastica’s salvation, he ultimately treasures his identity, despite his sadness. In many ways a classic fantasy, influenced by Greek myths and traditional fairy tales, The Neverending Story is also a powerful allegory on the primacy of reading and the imagination. That an unassuming boy can harness the power of words to save a magical kingdom is the ultimate literary gift, and perhaps why this incredible book within a book continues to have such a profound impression on readers of all ages.

Production Details:

  • Bound in blocked art silk
  • Set in Poppl-Pontifex with Duc De Berry display
  • 432 pages
  • Text printed in 2 colours throughout
  • Decorated title-page, 33 integrated illustrations and 26 decorative drop caps
  • 8 full-page colour illustrations including a double-page spread
  • Metallic printed endpapers
  • Printed page-edges
  • Printed and pearl blocked slipcase
  • 10˝ x 7½˝

The Ultimate Edition

‘It was bound in copper-colored silk that shimmered when he moved it about … there were large, beautiful capital letters at the beginning of the chapters. Examining the binding … he discovered two snakes … biting each other’s tail, so forming an oval. And inside the oval, in strangely intricate letters, he saw the title: The Neverending Story.’

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 9 cm


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