For Your Eyes Only


Ian Fleming. Illustrated by Fay Dalton.

Ian Fleming’s super spy returns in five thrilling short stories. The latest title in the Folio James Bond collection features glamorous artwork and an illustrated slipcase by series artist Fay Dalton. Readers might be familiar with the titles of the stories contained within For Your Eyes Only, but the adventures they depict might surprise them. As well as the expected – and eagerly anticipated – danger, thrills and action that Bond is so well known for.

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A View To Thrill

In the title story, Bond must travel to the deepest forests of Vermont on a personal mission for M. In doing so, he meets the formidable Judy Havelock, a woman intent on revenge and willing to put an arrow through Bond to achieve it. ‘From a View to a Kill’ gives an insight into the ingenious technology of the enemy, while ‘Quantum of Solace’ sees Bond learning about the intricacies of the human heart in an unexpected location. ‘Risico’, the fourth story in the collection, contains all the danger and tension of a book three times its length, and, in ‘The Hildebrand Rarity’, a simple trip to retrieve an exotic fish becomes a murder mystery as well as a meditation on morality.


Production Details:

  • Bound in blocked cloth
  • Set in Miller Text with Folio Bold Condensed as display
  • 240 pages
  • Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations
  • Pictorial slipcase
  • 9˝ x 6¼˝


Five Secret Missions

Four of the five stories in For Your Eyes Only are adaptations of plots originally drafted by Fleming for a television series that didn’t quite get off the ground. Fleming took the opportunity to play with a new form of storytelling, and the result is a set of stories that broaden and elevate the conventions of a Bond adventure. Dalton’s exquisite illustrations reflect the variety of moods and events in these five escapades; from the white-hot heat of the beach where Fräulein Lisl Baum tops up her tan, to the cool silvery moonlight unveiling a corpse on the deck of a yacht. Taking the reader on an action-packed tour of Vermont, Venice, Jamaica, the Seychelles and more, For Your Eyes Only is the perfect bite-sized Bond.

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